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Know you are protected with a 30s*
alarm response time! That’s Fast!

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Get much more out of your BLU SKY Smart Security system with Interactive Monitoring. This plan gives you alarm alerts straight to your phone in under 30* seconds on average via the powerful platform.


How it works

All signals from your panel are sent to our central station via the 3G mobile network. The monthly monitoring fee includes all communication costs including the simcard, and you don’t need a fixed phone line! Its NBN Ready. There are no hidden fees! And no lock-in contracts!

Why 3G? – Reliable, Secure & NBN ready!

Using the 3G mobile network, we maintain a constant, reliable connection to our central station, therefore your system is not only simpler and more convenient, but also more secure. If your phone line is damaged, the power goes out, or the internet is disconnected, your system continues to work. And with the NBN on its way, you can be assured you will stay protected!


Free App for your Tablet or Smartphone

With the plan you get access to our free easy-to-use and powerful smartphone and tablet apps, allowing you to check-in and control your home from anywhere!

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Confident Protection with Instant Awareness

Not only are you protecting your property from intruders, attach our wireless sensors to doors, cabinets, safes and drawers so you can create real-time alerts for all kinds of activities at your property.

Peace of mind protection with a 30* second on average alarm notification time.

Always know who’s coming and going, when a door or window is open or access point is unlocked.

Never again forget to set the alarm, close the garage
door, or leave a door / window open.

Fully Configurable Smart Notifications

Log in to your system from our web interface or apps to create your own personalised smart rules and schedules. You have complete control to configure your BLU SKY system to send an email or text message for events such as when the kids get home from school (or if they’re late), when the cleaner or tradesperson arrives,  or if it looks like the kids are throwing a party while you are away.


Automated Door Locks

No need to hide or give away an extra key, you can now remotely unlock the door when needed & keep track of everyone going in and out of your property.


Never worry about not hearing the fire alarm or leaving the washing machine on while you’re out. And with a 30* second on average alarm response time you know you are protected!

Fire damage, and flooding can be devastating to a home or business. Add our smoke alarms, flood sensors, and receive email or text alerts allowing you to respond immediately.


Gateway to your whole home automation

With just one touch, the security system is armed , the lights will turn off, the front and back doors lock, the garage door will close and the air conditioning will reduce. Or have a night mode which shuts everything down, lock the doors, and arm the perimeter ready for bed.

Create just the right mood or ambiance for any activity and do it with stylish products that will complement your home’s decor.

Set real-time alerts based on the GPS coordinate of your phone, like those that let you know when you leave your home without arming your system LEARN MORE

We continuously innovate and release new features to make your home operate more intelligently for you.

Effortless Energy Management

Smart Climate Control

A BLU SKY system learn your preferences, and even intelligently disable your air conditioning while you’re out.

Intelligent Lighting

Never stumble into a dark home again. Have them come on automatically when you walk through the door, or set a schedule to make it look like someone is at home while you’re on holidays.

Measurable Results

Get insight into your energy use and see where you’re consuming the most energy.

Location-Based Automation

BLU SKY takes the complexity and guess work out of home control with location-based energy management. Our award winning Geo-Services uses your GPS phone location to automatically adjust the air conditioning, turn on lights and video settings for highly personalised and efficient home management.

Garage Door

Ever wonder if you left the garage door open? Receive text or email alerts when you forgot to close after you leave, and remotely lock it!


 Heighten Sense of Safety

Increase comfort level by automatically turning on the lights when you pull into the driveway or when you unlock the house.

Automatically secure the perimeter and lock doors/windows when you go to bed.

Never forget to secure the house again. BLU SKY will notify you if you have left and forgot to arm the alarm or, lock a door/window.

Simulate to appear someone is home, such as randomly turning on lights around the house.

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