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Wireless Security Panel

Our beautifully designed, powerful, and easy to use touch screen panel allows you to manage your entire system at the touch of a finger. It’s the nerve centre of your home’s security, includes touch arming and disarming, and supports Z-wave for your whole property automation.


Hybrid Wired/Wireless Security Panel

Our Wired Security panel from DSC captures the flexibility of a modular, hardwired system with the simplicity of a wide range of wireless devices and peripherals, resulting in a ground-breaking comprehensive and versatile hybrid system suited for small business structures through to large-scale commercial application. The panel also supports Z-wave for your whole property automation.

Wired Security Panel

We also offer a feature rich and advanced wired security panel from RISCO. It is cost effective, flexible and an easy-to-use alarm system designed for small-medium commercial and residential properties.

Experience the new era of property security with BLU SKY's Interactive Monitoring

  • NBN ready 3G wireless
  • Alerts to your smartphone
  • Tamper resistant technology
  • Battery backed up
  • No phone line required

  • Monitoring when the system is disarmed
  • No more false alarms with image alerts
  • Track users and history
  • Customisable notifications & rules
  • Home Automation

With Interactive Monitoring you get:

Dedicated Connection with Tamper Resist Technology

A BLU SKY system maintains a link from your panel to our Central Station via the 3G mobile network. Our tamper resist technology protects you from the internet going down, phone line cut, power going out, or an intruder destroying your security panel.


Smart Fire, Smoke, and Flood Alerts

Now you don’t have to worry that the fire alarm will go off when nobody is home to hear it! You can choose to receive instant alerts when the smoke alarm is active,  or when a flood sensor detects water.


No more false alarms

Seeing what’s at your property is the next best thing to being there. BLU SKY’s break through image sensor enhances your ability to visually check on at your property.


Mobile App

Stay in control of your system at all times. Our top rated, easy to use mobile app puts your home in your hands. For instance disarm the property for a housekeeper or guest when you’re away.


Configurable Notifications and Rules

Forgot to arm the Alarm? BLU SKY powered system will automatically send you a push notification or text message letting you know. OR receive notifications when there is activity at your property.


Home Automation

Your BLU SKY security panel with Interactive Monitoring is your home automation hub and smart energy management console – from lighting and air conditioning control, to smart door locks and curtain control, the options are limitless.


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