Fire, Smoke, Water detectors

Make sure you have up-to-date photo smoke alarms to protect your family and your property.

Fire authorities recommend photoelectric smoke as ionizonic smoke alarms have been found to be ineffective at detecting smoke.

At BLU SKY we supply photoelectric smoke alarms which also include a rapid rise sensor to detect significant increases in temperature from fires.

Add BLU SKY's Interactive Monitoring

Fast 30* second average notification time to your phone!

Smoke detectors are important safety devices in homes, but what if the alarm goes off when you’re away? No need to worry, BLU SKY immediately signals the monitoring station, and sends you a text or email notification, so you can act immediately!

Disasters such as fire, water, and electrical issues can be quickly identified to limit the amount of damage and ensure safety of the occupants.

Smoke/Heat Sensor

Carbon Monoxide Sensor

Flood Sensor

BLU SKY connects your key devices so you can set controls to have your property automatically respond to emergency situations


Set triggers to automatically capture video footage or images whenever there’s an alarm so you and authorities can see what’s happening.


Have the air conditioning unit automatically stop running when smoke’s detected so it’s not circulated throughout the property.


Fit our safety solenoid hardware to automatically turn off the main supply when a flood is detected to reduce the severity.


The system will notify you if your sensor batteries are running low, or if there is a problem communicating with the sensor, allowing you to act before its too late!

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“The system worked the time it needed to work.” – Benjamin.

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