Image Sensor

No more false alarms!

BLU SKY’s Image Sensor is a compact, all-in-one device that combines a traditional motion sensor with an integrated still camera so you can see what’s happening at your home or office when you’re not there.

  • Get instant image alerts straight to your smartphone or email
  • 100% wireless and battery backed-up so it still works when the power goes out
  • Place in any room and will take pictures day and night

  • Quickly identify intruders or detect false alarm incidents
  • Advanced motion detector with pet immunity
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See what’s going on when you’re away.

  • Live view to see what’s happening at your property from anywhere
  • Check on tradespersons, cleaners or babysitters
  • Keep an eye on specific areas like the office, liquor cabinet or storage room
  • Easily view a searchable library of your saved images

How it works

Video: Image Sensor


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